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The program of the maintenance
of a breeding cat.
Any professional forage: Hills, Pro Plan, Iams, Royal Kanin till 1 year only Kitten + Fresh water. Transition to other forage in current a minimum of 10 days, gradually reducing one forage and adding another.
The maintenance.
The animal should have good leaving and duly veterinary service. Should not contain in a cell or have free vygul in the street.
The given animal has a following breeding class (breeding quality is defined by the owner or felinologom club at the moment of sale or at aktirovke): PET-; BREEDER-; SHOW-. In case the kitten is sold, as RET a class, the buyer undertakes to sterilize or to not use it it for breeding.
Only after presentation of the conclusion from the licensed clinic about castration / sterilizations the Owner of such kitten can exchange a card about an origin for a pedigree.
If the animal is sold, as BREEDER a class the buyer has no the right to make a complaint to the owner in case of unsatisfactory exhibition estimations. If the animal is sold, as SHOW a class the owner gives a guarantee of exhibition quality at the moment of sale and absence of visible genetic defects.
The owner does not bear the responsibility for the further development of an animal and success of its exhibition career. The owner guarantees, that at the moment of sale at a kitten are absent ekto-and endoparazity, it does not suffer fungoid diseases, there are no attributes of virus diseases. The kitten is not the carrier of chronic diseases (a hepatites, furiousness, parvovirusa, a virus peritonitis...).
At the moment of transfer of a kitten its partial (initial) vaccination about what there should be a mark in the veterinary passport is lead. The owner undertakes to render the Owner the advisory help in the maintenance and cultivation, and also in its breeding use after achievement of reproductive age.
Owners of all animals sold as SHOW quality, undertake to visit exhibitions with the animal got in cattery, before achievement by it 1,5 - 2 years age, in coordination with the owner.
(An extract from the contract of cattery " Jewel").
I wish you, that the kitten brought in your house only pleasure, successes in exhibition career and certainly magnificent posterity. Be not afraid of difficulties and all will turn out. We from its part are always ready to help. Call, write.
Yours faithfully, Evgenie Cherepanova, cattery "Jewel"
8 902 266 1557
P.S. Send photos, we shall place on a site.



Cherepanova Evgenia
+7 902 266 1557
+7 909 702 7843
Ekaterinburg, Russia


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