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My name is Evgenia. I live in Urals, in the city of Ekaterinburg, Russia. I the owner of cattery Jewel. The cattery exists since 2001, in 2003 there was registered in KLK "Elitcat", a Ekaterinburg. 

The cattery is engaged in breeding of following breeds of cats:

  • Persian
  • Exotic shorthair
  • Scottish-fold
  • British shorthair
  • Kurilian bobtail
  • Don sphinx
  • Petersburg sphynx (Peterbald).

     My program of breeding is developed only to make beautiful and healthy animals in modern type, with remarkable character.

 At pedigree my animals there are lines of outstanding cattery:

  • Persian and exotic - Rad Fetiche, de Bour, Puca, Sangralee, Black Pearl, Dali Look, Vita-Nova, Kikicat, Blues, Felinidad, Lejonarda, Al de Carma.
  • British and Scottish - Faier Chaild, Chene Landry, Tumannyj Albion, Lady Cats, Blue Lake, Bagoas, Velvet Toy, Malurek, Mormot, Fancy Friends, Bubastis, Silver Blues, Schaephuysen.
  • Peterbald - Aurum Ecscelsior, del Iris, iz Murino.

 Animals of cattery constantly participate in exhibitions, have high titles and victories in Best in Show.

I constantly watch over their health. They it is duly take root and eat forages only Premium a class.

 We very much love our cats. All our cats live free in our houses, there all members of the family

On our site you will get acquainted with our animals, will see photos, learn a lot of helpful information, and will pick up to yourself cheerful, plush the kid. 

The information presented on a site grows out our work, is based on our experience of breeding. 

Do not forget to leave the impressions in the guest book, it is intended for you. 

I wish you pleasant viewing



Cherepanova Evgenia
+7 902 266 1557
+7 909 702 7843
Ekaterinburg, Russia


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