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The contract of sale and purchase of a breeding animal in cattery Jewel.



The buyer:_______________________________________________
Living to the address of:____________________________________
I get in cattery Jewel an animal:
Floor:________________________Date of a birth:______________
Registration number:______________________________________
1. Conditions of sale:
1.1. The animal should have good leaving and duly veterinary service.
Should not contain in a cell or have free vygul in the street.
1.2. The given animal has a following breeding class (breeding quality is defined by the factory owner or felinologom club at the moment of sale or at aktirovke): PET-; BREEDER-; SHOW-.
1.3. In case the kitten is sold, as PET a class, the buyer undertakes
to sterilize or to not use it it for cultivation. Only after presentation
of the conclusion from the licensed clinic about  castration/sterilization  the Owner of such kitten can exchange a card about an origin for a Family tree.
1.4. If the animal is sold, as BREEDER a class the buyer has not the right to make a complaint to the factory owner in case of unsatisfactory exhibition estimations.
1.5. If the animal is sold, as SHOW a class the factory owner gives a guarantee of exhibition quality at the moment of sale and absence of visible genetic defects. The factory owner does not bear otvetstvennostiza the furtherdevelopment of an animal and success of its exhibition career.
1.6. The factory owner guarantees, that at the moment of sale at a kitten are absent ekto-and endoparazity, it does not suffer fungoid diseases,there are no attributes of virus diseases. The kitten is not the carrier of chronic diseases (a hepatites, furiousness, parvovirusa, virus peretonita, etc.).
1.7. At the moment of transfer of a kitten its partial (initial)
vaccination about what there should be a mark in the veterinary passport can be lead.
1.8. The buyer (further the Owner) has the right to return of a healthy kitten to the Factory owner in any term from the moment of purchase with the preliminary coordination of the fact and term of return, but without reception before the sum paid for a kitten and without indemnification for its maintenance.
1.9. The factory owner undertakes to render the owner the advisory
help in the maintenance and cultivation, and also in its breeding use
after achievement of reproductive age.
1.10. Owners of all animals sold as SHOW quality, undertake to visit
exhibitions with the animal got in nursery, before achievement by them 1,5 - 2 years age, in coordination with the Factory owner.
2. Conditions of payment:
2.1. In case the Buyer pays the sum of the mortgage at a rate
of ________________ till the moment of purchase of a kitten,
at the subsequent refusal of the Buyer of purchase of a kitten or
in case of return of a kitten by the Buyer after it preobretenija,
the sum of the mortgage does not come back.
2.2. After reception of the sum of the mortgage for a kitten the
Factory owner undertakes to contain a kitten till the moment of
transfer to its Buyer, but no more
than ____________________________ (to specify term).
2.3. After specified in item 2.2. Term the Buyer undertakes to
take away a kitten, having paid the remained cost of an animal.
2.4. Default by the Buyer of conditions of item 2.3. The
factory owner in the right to consider as refusal of the Buyer
of the further purchase of a kitten.
2.5. All additional costs which the Factory owner till the moment
of transfer of a kitten to the Buyer can incur, are paid by the
Buyer in addition under the separate arrangement (the repayment
of a family tree in club, registration of the veterinary information
on export of a kitten, vaccination of a kitten and other).
3. The responsibility of the parties:
3.1. In case of default by the Buyer of the obligations
specified in the present contract, the Factory owner has the right
to refuse sale.
3.2. The disputes arising during execution by the parties of
obligations under the contract, should be settled by additional
agreements or can be solved in the judicial order.
4. Other conditions:
4.1. The present contract inures from the moment of its signing
and stops appropriate execution. All the questions which have been
not settled by the present contract, are defined according to the
current legislation of the Russian Federation.
4.2. The present(true) contract is made in duplicate, having
an identical validity.
5. Signatures of the Buyer and the Factory owner certify their full
consent with all conditions of the present contract.
The factory owner (the signature, decoding)
The buyer (the signature, decoding)



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+7 902 266 1557
+7 909 702 7843
Ekaterinburg, Russia


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